Dr. Tiller works in Philadelphia, PA.
June 10th, 2009

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I am proud to work in reproductive justice and I never hide that fact, but I know too much about the internet to be willing to put my name out there.

The sign covering my face does not make me (or anyone else who chose to post to the site this way) a coward, and those who think that are missing the entire point.

We are covering our faces because we have realized over the last week and a half that none of us are really safe anymore. We are covering our faces because we want to continue to be able to provide women with the services they need, without putting their lives in danger.

I am proud of what I do. My family is proud of what I do. The women my organization serves show us how much they appreciate our work every day. And that is why I am never going to stop fighting for reproductive rights.

I am Dr. Tiller.

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