Why Abortion Providers?

Too often abortion is shrouded in political, hypothetical arguments, and the personal stories of women who’ve had abortions, of people who perform abortion care, are lost. There are many resources for women to share their abortion experiences (such as Exhale, Backline, Our Truths, and Project Voice among many others) but what about abortion providers?

A recent article on Slate.com asked the question, “is it wrong to murder an abortionist?” IAmDrTiller.com aims to point out the absurdity and morbidity of that question by asserting the obvious: ABORTION PROVIDERS ARE HUMAN BEINGS. Yes. It is wrong to murder an abortion provider.

Share your story of how you’re involved in abortion care to help humanize the work of abortion providers. We need as many voices as we can get to show off our brave, diverse, talented, multi-faceted community.

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