Dr. Tiller Works in Canada.
March 18th, 2010

In hindsight, I realized that my parents never really raised me to believe in anything in particular. Church was sporadic, and mostly to appease grandparents. Grace at supper was simply going through the motions. As long as I can remember, I always thought the “story” of Joseph and Mary was just that: a story; a fairytale. They also never said negative things about minorities or comments about abortion. I was raised about as blank a slate as I think is possible. I got to make ALL the decisions myself when I became old enough.

I don’t remember when I exactly became aware that I was pro-choice, but I probably always was because I NEVER liked being told what I could/couldn’t do. Thus being an anti would have never made sense to me. My first real memory on the topic was when I was about 16. I worked with a girl who was decidedly anti-choice (she was a year younger than I). I remember having discussions with her about the topic at work . One day she showed me the pictures that anti’s pull out. After seeing them I made the comment that I would likely never have an abortion, but I refused to take that choice from other women, no matter what. I think she took the small victory. Thankfully, I have never been forced to make the decision, but I know now that I wouldn’t hesitate to have an abortion if I were to become pregnant. But that moment stays with me. I think I can say with absolute certainty that I knew I was pro-choice from that day forward. Even though I thought, at the time, abortion wasn’t for me, I still refused to take the choice away from others. I am proud of my 16 y/o self for being able to separate the choice that I was entitled to make re. my body, and the choice that other women are entitled to make re. their body.

Since starting law school in a province with archaic, by Canadian standards, abortion laws, I have jumped into the pro-choice movement with both feet. I volunteer at my local clinic to escort patients past protesters (only clinic in Canada that has the buggers), and I worked on a project for ARCC to create a brochure for distribution in order to raise awareness about the laws so that we can create change.

I have started to get more involved in the movement, much to the chagrin of my closest friend. I am not entirely sure if she is decidedly anti-choice, but she has made it clear that she wouldn’t come with me for an abortion. Nonetheless, I will continue my volunteer work while I am local, and when I’m not, I will get involved in other ways. Also, I display my volunteer work on my resume, and if a law firm won’t have me for that reason, well so be it. I know I am doing a good thing.

I am Dr. Tiller.

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