Dr. Tiller Performs in New York City and Across the Country.
August 1st, 2009


We are associated with ‘Words of Choice’ and have worked to support abortion providers across the country by using stories, theater, radio, articles, tv and DVD to open new conversations about reproductive freedom and justice. We traveled twice to Wichita to present performances for and with Dr. Tiller, and he understood the power of communication. We admired him deeply as saw him as not only a person passionately committed to doing what is right for women’s lives, but a kind and generous man. (We dedicated a program to him on radio on June 29, where we took this picture with the host.) In travels to 20 states, we have encountered thousands who agree with Dr. Tiller and stand up for women’s rights — providers, clinic workers, volunteers, doctors, policy advocates, writers, activists, nurses, para-professionals, assistants, campus organizers, religious personnel, students, videographers and everyday people: our deepest thanks and appreciation to all.

We Are Dr. Tiller.

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